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RE : Error while Bootstapping & Config error

I am having an issue with the bootstrap after installation on windows xp. This is the path that I am trying to upload the bootstrap:


and this is the error message I am getting:

Unexpected error - Go Back The system cannot find the path specified The system cannot find the path specified

This is the log from the server log:

Mon Jul 24 14:53:24 MDT 2006 : ERROR : The system cannot find the path specified

Is there a setup issue I need, or how can I get it to recognize the file in windows?

Do I need to change the file

It says:

# WARNING, if the following properties contains path with '\' character, change them to '\\'
#Example : C:\\LibreSource\\work\\index >> C:\\LibreSource\\work\\index\LibreSource\\work\\index

I don't know if I should change it to c:\\LibreSource\\work\\index or leave it as it was as c:\LibreSource\\work\\index

Also, is there somewhere that I can set the $dburl, $dbuser and $dbpassword other than in the C:\LibreSource\JOnAS\conf\

And one last question; does libresource run on jboss?

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posted by Sebastien Jourdain at Jul 25, 2006 10:46 AM