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RE : Error while Bootstapping & Config error
Hello Robert,

First the file should be updated in order to specify the right working path for the search engine and the tmp files.

When you have set the right properties, you have to update the ear file. For that ant will do it for you. There is 2 ways.

  • If you are using libresource from the installer, this should have been done by the installer but if you change your mind, you can but you will have to call the configure script available in your libresource installation directory.
  • If you are using LibreSource from the source package, just call ant or ant deploy . Don't forget that your $JONAS_ROOT system property must be set...
Otherwise to explain a bite why you should put twice back-slash instead of one, this is because the back-slash character is the java escape character. A simpler way is to use on any OS the / as path separator.

For example: C:/LibreSource/tmp/file

> Also, is there somewhere that I can set the $dburl, $dbuser and $dbpassword other than in the C:\LibreSource\JOnAS\conf\

I don't realy get your question, but those informations are needed for jonas in order to access to the LibreSource database.

This database should run over Postgres and must be available first.

And one last question; does libresource run on jboss?

Not yet, but it could run on JBoss if some XDocklet comment where added for JBoss in the source code so the application descriptor could be generated for JBoss.

I hope that I answer at your questions...

Artenum Team

posted by Sebastien Jourdain at Jul 25, 2006 11:03 AM