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So6 to sync distributed repositories with non-permanent Internet connectivity
Dear all, We are looking for SCM solution in a distributed development environment which has several sites throughout the world. The main concern is that all the sites are not continously connected to Internet (some of the sites has a modem connection with Internet, some sites have a very instable ISP, ...). Our need is to allow developpers local to a site to sync (update, commit) with the local repository through the local network, and when the Internet link is up, to sync with the other distant repositories. After a crawling a while in the documentation, I have the intuition that So6 is of interest.

I would like to have feedback of experimented users about such a usage ? What are your feeling ?

Thank you very for your help, Frederic BAUCHER.

posted by Frederic BAUCHER at Mar 18, 2006 5:08 PM