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How to format text
Hello, I wonder if there are some more possibilities for formating text, e.g. block text, chaning font, size, color. Centering pictures, having text and pictures in the same line.

I read that LibreSource uses the Radeox engine, but seems to implement, just the simple text filters, and only a few of the more advanced macros.

Will the full Radeox engine be supported some time?

Also the wiki syntax is only available in the Project Summary, wiki content, menu content (what is this, did not see it so far), forum messages and bugtracker issues. I think it would be also nice in the description of the download area, and maybe in most of the other places, where you can enter text.

Maybe I should put this in the bug tracker.

Thank you

posted by Rüdiger Lincke at Jan 11, 2006 12:22 PM