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RE : How to format text
The text formatting is pretty simple for the moment, but can be extended without many difficulties. The problem come from the CSS. As all the look and placement is made by the CSS, when we add functionnalities of placement for pictures, for example, we need to extend our CSS to take care of that. And as you know Internet Explorer has a lot of trouble with CSS 2.

For the picture positionning, it's already done, with the macro image which support left, center or right parameter. But the only the BlueCurve CSS take care of this information. And the the BlueCurve CSS is not supported by all the browsers.

Q: Will the full Radeox engine be supported some time?

Maybe but I can't tell you when.

Q: Also the wiki syntax is only available in ...

In fact the wiki syntaxe is available everywhere but we might have forgottent to call the wiki engine on some peace of code. Just tell us where and we will correct it.


posted by Sebastien Jourdain at Jan 11, 2006 12:22 PM