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RE : Upgrade 1.5 to 2.2

I compared now the table and I prepared a list of differences. If you like I can send you the exported DB schema files using email.

Anyway I found quite some differences not covered by the migration scripts provided at:

Overview differences LS DB Schema 1.5 and
The following lists differences between the database schemas of LS version 1.5 and.
* at the beginning of a line indicates that, it is not covered by migration scripts on homepage.

Changed user management ----------------------- *new: table casusers_ (rename password_digest_ to passworddigest_?) deleted: table libresource_users_ (maybe renamed it to casusers_, but not all attributres?) *new: table subversionuser_ *new: table subversionusers_ *new: table ldapgroupresource_

Modified node handling ---------------------- added colums: table node_, columns: shortname_ character varying, * children_ bytea, updatedate_ timestamp(3) without time zone, creationdate_ timestamp(3) without time zone,

New/changed resources --------------------- *new: table dropboxresource_ added column: table fileresource_, column displayname_ character varying *new: table formresource_ *changed type: table issueresource_, column issueid_, from character varying to integer *added column: table pageresource_, column versionable_ boolean new: table profileresource_ *added column: table synchronizerresource_, column fileencoding_ character varying added columns: table timelineresource_, columns: publicevents_ boolean, * loggedevents_ bytea *new: table subversionrepositoryresource_

Other ----- *new: tables page_history_* (propably not important for migration) *new: table qrtz_blob_triggers *new: table qrtz_calendars *new: table qrtz_cron_triggers *new: table qrtz_fired_triggers *new: table qrtz_job_details *new: table qrtz_job_listeners *new: table qrtz_locks *new: table qrtz_paused_trigger_grps *new: table qrtz_scheduler_state *new: table qrtz_simple_triggers *new: table qrtz_trigger_listeners *new: table qrtz_triggers *changed table: ALTER TABLE ONLY casusers_ ADD CONSTRAINT casusers__pkey PRIMARY KEY (username_); ALTER INDEX public.casusers__pkey OWNER TO postgres; *changed table: ALTER TABLE ONLY dropboxresource_ ADD CONSTRAINT dropboxresource__pkey PRIMARY KEY (id_); ALTER INDEX public.dropboxresource__pkey OWNER TO postgres; *change table: ALTER TABLE ONLY formresource_ ADD CONSTRAINT formresource__pkey PRIMARY KEY (id_); ALTER INDEX public.formresource__pkey OWNER TO postgres; *change table: ALTER TABLE ONLY ldapgroupresource_ ADD CONSTRAINT ldapgroupresource__pkey PRIMARY KEY (id_); ALTER INDEX public.ldapgroupresource__pkey OWNER TO postgres; *change table: ALTER TABLE ONLY profileresource_ ADD CONSTRAINT profileresource__pkey PRIMARY KEY (id_); ALTER INDEX public.profileresource__pkey OWNER TO postgres; *change table: same for all qrtz_* *change table: same for all subversion*


  • What about the changed type in table issueresource_? Can I do this during migration?
  • What about the bug in wsconnectionresource_? Should it be localhost or my real url?
  • Can I just create all the missing tables as in the Schema of LS 2.2?
  • What about adding children_ in table node_? Which default value?
Please provide me with instructions on how to migrate my old data.

Thank you, Rüdiger

posted by Rüdiger Lincke at Aug 21, 2007 11:27 AM