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LibreSource died second time within 6 days

I have some questions about the stability of LibreSource and Jonas.

We are using here LibreSource for some student projects and courses. We got about 30 users, having 1 active forum, and a upload area, so nothing big.

It happend now the second time (first the 21/9, now the 27/9), that the LibreSource platform was not reachable. We had to stop and start Jonas.

Is this a normal availability behavior, or should it run much longer without problems? Maybe we got something wrong in the installation or configuration.

We use LibreSource 1.0, downloaded 11/7/2005 as Jonas version is 4.3.4.

After starting Jonas we got: 109 Java processes 1469MB of (VIRT) virtual memory usage 155 MB of (RES) physical memory usage 1314 MB in (SWAP) the swap file

When LibreSource crashed it was: 253 java processes 1598 MB of (VIRT) virtual memory usage 203 MB of (RES) physical memory usage 1395 MB of (SWAP) swap file usage

Are these typical values?

We are thinking now about restarting Jonas every few days using a cron job, in the hope that it does not die uncontrolled.

Any ideas? How stable is LibreSource running for the rest of you?

We are running it on a Dell PowerEdge SC 1425.
Java 1.4.2-02 (64-bit, Server VM)
Linux cs 2.6.12
Gentoo Base System version 1.6.13

Thank you!

posted by Rüdiger Lincke at Jan 11, 2006 12:22 PM