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Event notification problem

I set up some event filters in our libre source installation under My Page.

They look like this: Watch issues libresourceBugTracker.issue.assign * /users/rle mail Collect all events * * * mail test libresourceBugTracker.issue.assign /projects/test/bugtracker * mail

My user is: /users/rle, and I configured my email address.

For some reason I do not receive any notification email from libresource. My collegue, thinks that Jonas and LibreSource should be properly configured for sending email. I believe, that the filters are configured correct.

Does anybody have some suggestions, on how to debug this. Where could we look to see, if the events are generated, collected, and the email sent?

Thank you in advance.


posted by Rüdiger Lincke at Jan 11, 2006 12:22 PM