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RE : Configure Libresource through apache reverse proxy
Yet another test; if I access directly in my web browser http://ip_machine_name_B:9000 (the url where the libresource server is deployed), I get the same ugly page (the kernel.serverUrl is still configured as you sayed in your previous post). So, this does obviously not come from the reverse proxy configuration but from the kernel.serverUrl value. If I add kernel.serverUrl with subcontext, I get the right page, and if the value has no subcontext I get the page mentionned before.

Is this a DNS problem? To answer your question, a nslookup from the Libresource server machine to the apache gives me the right answer. I also compared the generated html between the two configs (local access which works and with kernel.serverUrl pointing to the reverse proxy which does not work):

  • The only difference is one html tag:
<base href="http://ip_machine_name_B:9000/"/>
<base href="http://libresource_dns_name_machine_A:80//"/>

which seems normal. I really don't see why this does not work except a DNS problem. But, in that case, why do I get the ugly page when i access the server locally (with kernel.serverUrl pointing to the reverse server)?


posted by Alexandre Neubert at Oct 15, 2007 5:37 PM