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Internet Explorer problem
Hi all,

I installed Libresource 2.2 as a collaborative platform on Linux Ubuntu server with postgres 1.4. It is working but I reported some problems :


  • Using internet explorer browsers refuse any login but i can view Guest pages because no login process is required. Mozilla is working fine and login is working. This will cause all IE users to be refused to login.
  • the bookmark and watch buttons are not shown when using Mozilla and are shown as empty image boxes in internet explorer (the image url is false)
  • When I create a synchronizer resource and I give all rights to someone (including create work space), when trying to create a workspace the following error appears : Server error on addWsConnection. Status code=403
So I cannot use synchronisers. That tool was the main need in my project :(

(PERSONALISATION ISSUE) A last question : If I want to change the used font, how should I proceed.

Thank you very much for response


posted by guabtni at Aug 28, 2007 3:06 PM