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LibreSource Patch
Hi LibreSource Community!

The Exo-Sciences association really enjoys this software, and have made some enhancements to tailor it for its particular needs.

In this post you will find a patch based on the LibreSource 2.5 sources available here

  • LibreSource is now able to be hidden behind an Apache SSL proxy. "scheme" option must be set in the connector.
  • LibreSource allows users to change their password in the LDAP server that supports the CAS user data. Code follows RFC 3062 specification.
  • LibreSource login is forwarded to the CAS server.
  • LibreSource super user is now called 'Administrateur' instead of 'root'.
Regards, The Exo-Sciences team.
posted by ExoSciences at Sep 13, 2009 8:39 AM