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ACL checkSecurity error
I have been creating new projects, and users and moving projects. After I thought I was complete, I have been seeing a lot of security errors. First, if I remove the guest user from the observer group of a project, unauthenticated users can't access the project, and they are directed to an error page. See message below:

Error in checkSecurity : Error in checkSecurity : error in MembershipService.canMapConnectedResource(/users/guest,/projects/nvsCorp/developers)

Also, If I have a user, or group defined in the developer, or manager group, they can't see the project. Groups fail completely, and users must also be defined in the observer group, even though the developer group is defined in the observer group. They get a similar error to the one above.

What can I do to fix this. Is this a bug, or an issue with not having the security setup correctly.

posted by Robert Young at Jul 31, 2006 11:05 PM