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using libresource

I had question when I was using libresource .

I created two users (name:U1 ; name:U2) .

I created a new project (name:P1) and created a new group (name:G1) .

After that , I add users (U1,U2) into my group (G1) and addnumber (G1) into my project (P1) .

then , I create a new BugTracker in my project (P1)

type: bug ; blacker .

and I assigned the bug to user (U2) . (/users/U2) --> assign

when I login with U2 , I can't see any message in my user center .

I was do all the action at the 'root'

Is there had some operation mistake ?

posted by sheepkon at Nov 24, 2009 9:08 AM