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So6 Repository/Synchronizer corruption

I have here one user having serious problems to connect to a So6queue from his computer using the Eclipse So6 plug-in.

The So6 queue seems to be set up correctly, since we can access it from other computers. The user uses Ubuntu Linux, Eclipse 3.1.0, and Java 1.4.2 (not Sun, I think its GNU). He receives different error messages from the So6 Eclipse plug-in. As we used the So6 Studio, we got a message, that the repository is corrupt, and that we should restore it. This worked, and we could update/commit. As we tired it again, it was again corrupted. So every time we commit something the repository gets corrupted. Any idea how this could happen? Are there some logs we could look at helping us to track down the error?

I will come soon with a more detailed error description, including the exact names of the errors/exceptions reported by the plug-in, and the corruption.state entries in the file. Is there anything else we should post, which could help to track down the error?

Did somebody else experience So6 related problems?

Thank you,//Ruediger

posted by Rüdiger Lincke at Jan 11, 2006 12:22 PM