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RE : So6 Repository/Synchronizer corruption

how does So6 handle the queue content/synchronization of the workspaces, when workspaces from different operating systems and file systems commit/upate files and folders?

The file systems of UNIX/Linux, MacOS and Windows are pretty different, when it comes to the handling of special characters and blanks in the path. I would expect it to be pretty difficult on the first thought, if one tries to synchronize a workspace over different file systems. How is this handles in So6?

Currently I have a problem with some group of users, using Linux, MacOS and Windows for sharing the workspace. It happend that the Mac user commited some folders containing characters which are not allowed in the Windows file system, therefore making the So6 Queue unusable for the other team members. They can not update or commit anymore, since the Eclipse plug-in reports an error, when they try it. I am not sure, if the so6 web client handles this situation better, but the plug-in has a serious problem.

Maybe this issue relates to the problems discussed earlier in this thread. Is this a bug and should be reported? Are there some guidelines or limitations we should consider.

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posted by Rüdiger Lincke at Jan 11, 2006 12:22 PM