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RE : So6 Repository/Synchronizer corruption
>how does So6 handle the queue content/synchronization of the workspaces, when workspaces from different operating systems and file systems commit/upate files and folders?

I fact we use the standard java command to manage the filesystem.

>The file systems of UNIX/Linux, MacOS and Windows are pretty different, when it comes to the handling of special characters and blanks in the path. I would expect it to be pretty difficult on the first thought, if one tries to synchronize a workspace over different file systems. How is this handles in So6?

In fact we don't realy care, I mean when you do things specific to a kind of computer, you may only share your data to the same kind of computer. Otherwise you have to define rules inside your team in order to prevent specific OS limitation. That's exactly what happen to you. You have the same problem when a Unix user put in the same directory 2 files with de same name but different case and want to share its data with a Windows user.

We didn't want to limit So6 in such case.

It's the same with the encoding, each system should use the same encoding in order to prevent encoding problem. (The one specified in the So6 queue: Bug fixed in the next release)


Artenum Team

posted by Sebastien Jourdain at Jan 11, 2006 12:22 PM