Resource Menu

multi-users multi-teams multi-projects multi-purposes platform

Inline Administration : content edited directly in the page

hierarchical flexible resource structure

easy navigation on the platform

  • location in the tree
  • contextual menus
    • heritage schema from the parent resource menu
    • Wiki editable
    • dynamic menu composition including parent menu
  • expendable, multi-levels site map

full text search by Lucene

  • one or several keywords
  • wildcard char
  • boolean operation on request
  • on every resource on the platform or on a selected hierarchical subset
  • on every type of resource or on a selected type
  • search result sorted by quality

instant messaging by Jabber

  • Tigase Jabber server built in
  • Jeti Applet client built in
  • presence notification
  • integration with LibreSource users credentials

user notification via email, Jabber, RSS

  • one click event notification registration about the current resource
  • generic event and specific event type
  • Content Syndication by RSS feeds on resources


  • HTTPS encryption of the pages (LS2.5 UPDATE including subversion)
  • fine grain Access Control List for security
  • Security on each resource not on each service
  • Create, Read, Update and Delete rights
  • specific right related to resource types, supersedee by the Update Right
  • easy security deployment
    • access rights for both users and groups
    • copy of the ACL from the parent resource to a new resource
    • recursive security change functionality

import/export in XML of any subset of the hierarchical resource structure

  • project storage
  • migration from a LibreSource platform to any other

common features of the resources

  • UTF8 support for international content
  • Uniform Resource Identifier (URI)
  • long human readable title
  • Wiki editable description
  • create, update, move or delete any resource
  • delete a resource also delete the subtree recursively
  • unbind from the hierarchical resource structure to keep the subset tree
  • one click bookmark
  • printer friendly version of the display


  • guest user for unauthenticated browsing
  • mapping from a LDAP directory functionality
  • inner database storage functionality
  • CAS Single Sign On functionality
  • LS2.5 UPDATE activate/desactivate state on every account
  • Wiki editable profile page allowing the creation of a personal access/control panel
  • dedicated bookmarks on the platform
  • event notification management
  • platform wide assigned issues sorted by bug tracker
  • start the instant messaging Jabber client
  • choosed skin and layout
  • preferred language
  • time zone
  • root user for unlimited administration access


  • Wiki editable page to create a dedicated dashboard
  • searchable thru a distant LibreSource server


  • display a custom event type regarding a subset resource tree
  • event log functionality on all or on public event only
  • log a set of selected event type

Wiki Page

  • Radeox standard engine
  • Wiki editable web page
  • rich text formating
  • titles
  • lists
  • styles (bold, italic, strickethrough)
  • links (internal, external, relative or absolute)
  • smileys
  • macros
    • code (for code inclusion)
    • pre
    • tables
    • boxes (to make floating rubrics)
    • image inclusion
    • list of children resources for automatic table of contents
      • sorted by creation data or update date or owner or type or name or uri
      • grouped by creation data or update date or owner or type or name or uri
      • filtered on creation data or update date or owner or type
      • limited to a certain number of outputs
      • view as a flat list or a tree
      • count the number of relevant resources
    • resource inclusion for dashboard functionality
    • login box
    • search box, on the children resources or on the whole platform
    • raw HTML inclusion

Download Area

  • display the files as a table or a thumbnail
  • as a table, display file names, sizes, descriptions and dates
  • sort content by names, sizes, descriptions and dates
  • edit description
  • upload files one by one
  • upload files by selecting several files
  • upload files via a zip file
  • download files one by one
  • download the whole download area content as a single zip file
  • specific right for download


  • let users upload files on a confidential area where they can't list content
  • drop a file
  • see the box content
  • display the files as a table or a thumbnail
  • as a table, display file names, sizes, descriptions and dates
  • sort content by names, sizes, descriptions and dates
  • edit description
  • download files one by one
  • download the whole dropbox content as a single zip file
  • specific right for upload and content access


  • store a file
  • display file name, mime type, size and date
  • display the file as a picture if possible
  • on request, count and display the downloads : user, ip and date
  • content Lucene indexation (on pdf, word, excel, powerpoint, xml, openoffice, text)


  • post new thread
  • automatic order by the last post date
  • display thread list
  • specific right for post

Messages Thread

  • reply to the thread
  • quote a particular message


  • Wiki editable message, including links, images and smileys
  • automatic inclusion of the user name and the creation date


  • create an online form
  • answer goes to a wiki page or a message
  • choose the location of the results, children of the form by default
  • choose a redirection after the form is submited
  • create fields
    • specify a identifier word
    • give a name or question used as a label of the field
    • specify if as answer is mandatory to the submission
    • specify the type of the field : a few words, sentences, one option, several options
    • specify the default answer
    • specify the options, with possible pre-selection
    • Move up or down a field
    • insert a new field after the current one
    • remove a field
  • view results as a table
  • export results as a CSV file for spreedsheet importation
  • include results as a table into any page thru a dedicated macro
    • by default display results from the local path, other uri can be specified
    • display a link to the data or a link to get a CSV file
    • by default display every fields, the list of field to show can be specified
  • include a particular result into any page thru a dedicated macro
    • by default display result from the local path, other uri can be specified
    • print or not the field label and the field value, by default everything is displayed
    • print or not the specified field, by default will print all
  • specific right for submit


  • one vote per user
  • question
  • list of possible answers
  • survey status : open or close
  • several displays
    • simple horizontal bars
    • camembert
    • vertical diagram
    • specific right for vote

Bug Tracker

  • display list of issues as a sortable table : id, type, reporter, priority, resolution state, date
  • display list of issues assigned to the connected user
  • create new issue
  • specific right for add issue and for comment


  • Wiki editable message, including links and images
  • type : bug, improvement, new feature, task
  • priority : trivial, minor, major, critical, blocker
  • resolution : fixed, wont fix, cannot reproduce, duplicate, incomplete, unresolved
  • assignee user
  • attach files and comments


  • easy to use Software Configuration Management tool
  • multi user offline access to a common directory
  • versioning of every change occurred
  • concurrent edition managed
  • automatic merge for text and XML files
  • smart conflict management
  • exclusion list for fine grain dismissing
  • list of local workspaces
  • displaying names, last ticket, last update date, and user name
  • history of the synchronizer content
  • displaying comments, tickets, workspace of origin, date and the list of the impacted files
  • list of tagged versions of the synchronizer content with direct download functionality
  • anonymous download functionality
  • dataflow creation thru several synchronizers
  • HTTP transport protocol, firewall friendly, LS2.5 UPDATE better proxy management
  • Clients
    • Java Web Start client applications
      • multi platforms
      • nothing to install on the client host
      • always up-to-date
      • simple interface to review the changes and to comment the commit
    • Eclipse plug-in
      • integrated as a standard SCM
    • Command line interface
    • Ant tasks
    • Synchronizer Studio
      • operation that can be done offline
        • Workspace display
        • conflict display
        • diff between the current state of the Workspace and the last update
        • Workspace restoration after a major mistake
        • patchs display
        • browse a file history and follow the concurrent editing
      • operation that can be done online
        • update
        • commit
        • move of a file or directory
  • specific right for commit and for create a workspace

Subversion repository

  • LS2.5 UPDATE create, name, rename repositories in LibreSource
  • LS2.5 UPDATE access thru http and https
  • manage the list of readers and commiters


  • container for users and other groups
  • add and delete members
  • display members list
  • mapping from a LDAP group functionality
  • group "all" for automatic authenticated users collection

Remote Site

  • reference remote libresource server for search synchronization
  • allow search thru other LibreSource platforms
  • set up the time between search engines synchronizations


  • functionality to reproduce any structure of resources except for subversion content repository
  • Includes resource contents
  • Includes resource security

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