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Artenum provides a set of services for your organization to use and benefit from using LibreSource in a proprietary or OpenSource manner. Artenum, as a LibreSource first author, can provides specific development and integration, on demand. Please contact us for commercial information.

Support and Services provided by Artenum

Artenum goal is to build up an ecosystem based on an Open Standard. We have a hybrid economical model: services + products.

LibreSource Enterprise is the offer of Artenum to allow your organization to make the best use of LibreSource. Do you wish a turn-key solution, without worrying about technique? Do you wish, on the contrary, to manage and control every aspects of your server? The purpose of LibreSource Enterprise is to answer these two types of requests, as you wish.

  • LSE Users License
  • LSE Developer License
  • Appliance
  • Installation
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Mutualized hosting
  • Project Template
  • Site building
  • Software factory
  • Dedicated layout
  • Courses
  • Support
  • Maintenance
  • Migration
  • Customization
  • Extension
  • Expertise
  • We can give you access to your LibreSource server quickly: supply of a turn-key LibreSource server, installation on your servers, hosting on one of our servers, mutualized or privative.
  • We can create with you a personalized platform: creation of project template or complete collaborative site, creation of a development lifecycle, adaptation of Web rendering.
  • We can train you for the use, management and administration of LibreSource in order to communicating our best practices to you, and accompanying you during the first months thanks to a online support.
  • We can perform maintenance, corrective and evolutionary, of LibreSource, and thus perennialize your investment.
  • We can develop for you additional features, adapt LibreSource to your servers in production and integrate it into your information system. Last, you can contact us to build your own LibreSource solution.

LibreSource Community

LibreSource Community (LSC) defines the Open Standard. This software is available under QPL. The QPL is a free license for any free usage. This license allow OpenSource development around LibreSource with natural contribution feedback on LibreSource at Artenum company.

LibreSource Enterprise

LibreSource Enterprise (LSE) is the name of the tailored version for industrial uses of LibreSource. It adds several close source tailored extensions, security settings and documentation. LibreSource Enterprise respect the Open Standard define by the LibreSource Design Commitee in LibreSource Community, it is not a fork !

If your development required close source components for any reason, Artenum provides a specific developer license. This license is done between Artenum and its client, and allows the client to benefit from LibreSource without any constraint to distribute your project as OpenSource to the community. For more informations, feel free to contact us.

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