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In order to use the Libresource installer you have to install a jdk (>1.4) and postgres (>7.4).

This page explain how to install LSC on a mac OS X (10.4)

Install Java

Go to and install a jdk>1.4. Install it with default options…

install Postgres

Go to and install a postgres >7.4

During install dialog, just use default options… Remember the password for postgres user… (Do no let the installer generates the password ;))

After postgres installation, you need to create the libresource database. You can use pgadmin installed with postgres…

  1. Launch pgadmin from postgres menu
  2. Connect by double clocking on the postgreSQL database server and enter the postgres password
  3. right click on database subitem and select "add a database"
  4. enter "libresource" as database name with "postgres" as owner
  5. You can leave pgadmin...

Install libresource

java -jar LibreSource-Community-1.5-Installer.jar

You can watch our installation demo to see the installer in action demo

*Caution* There is a little bug in the Libresource installer Please install Libresource in "c:\Libresource". If you want it install Libresource in "c:\Program Files\Libresource", the installer will fail. We will fix it in the next version.

Run the serveur

A Libresource menu has been installed. Click on "Start Libresource". You can see Jonas starting in a new console window

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