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Installation from the self content installer

  • Libresource-2.2-installer.jar This installer do not require a JOnAS installation, only an access to a PostgreSQL>7.4 database and a JDK>1.5.
  • To run it just type: java -jar Libresource-2.2-installer.jar.
  • Under windows be sure to install LibreSource under a directory that does not contain any spaces in the path.
  • If postgres and LibreSource do not run with the same user, you have to be sure that the user than execute the database server can write into the LibreSource working directory. (YOUR_INSTALL_DIR/tmp-work/files)
  • After running the installer, go in your installation directory and run or start.bat to start the LibreSource server.
  • Then go to the Tigase sub-directory and execute this script to run Tigase.
  • Once the LibreSource server is launched, connect yourself to the server url with your browser : http://localhost:9000 by default.
  • login as root.
  • click on the bootstrap link, then on the "Go to" link at the end of the page.
  • The server is ready to use.

Installation based on an existing JONAS



  • The user that access the postgres database MUST BE super user for postgres so he could import large object into it.


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