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1. Requirements

LibreSource is a multi-platform software and runs on most common operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X,...).

To install LibreSource, the following software are required:

The following conditions have to be fulfilled as well:
  • The user that access the PostgreSQL database MUST BE super user for PostgreSQL so he can import large objects into it.
  • Under windows be sure to install LibreSource under a directory that does not contain any spaces in the path.
  • If PostgreSQL and LibreSource do not run with the same user, you have to be sure that the user that executes the database server can write into the LibreSource working directory. (YOUR_INSTALL_DIR/tmp-work/files)

2. Installation instructions

2.1 Clean Installation (i.e. if you don't have JONAS or JBOSS installed)

  • 1) Before running the installer, check that PostgreSQL is up and running.
  • 2) Create a new database using SQL_ASCII encoding.
  • 3) Download the installer: Libresource-2.5-installer.jar.
  • 4) To run it, double click on the file, or type: java -jar Libresource-2.5-installer.jar.
  • 5) Follow the installer instructions.
  • 6) After running the installer, go in your installation directory and run the script (under Linux or Mac OS X) or start.bat (under Windows) to start the LibreSource server.
  • 7) Then go to the Tigase sub-directory and execute the script to run Tigase.
  • 8) Once the LibreSource server is launched, connect to the server url with your browser: http://localhost:9000 by default.
  • 9) Follow the instructions and login as root with the password you provided during installation.
Tip: If the root account has not been created correctly, go to the login page and click on the "register user" link. Enter "root" in the login field, and choose a password. You can now try to login again.
  • 10) Bootstrap LibreSource by clicking on the default bootstrap link (you can also upload your own bootstrap file)
  • 11) Once the bootstrap is done, click on the link at the bottom of the page to index the content of your server
  • 12) Enjoy LibreSource !

2.2. Installation based on an existing JONAS

2.3. Installation based on an existing JBoss

3. Upgrade from older LibreSource installations

How to upgrade an existing LibreSource installation

4. Download Sources

5. License & Intellectual property

To use LibreSource you should agree with one of the following licenses :

For more information, please contact us

Intellectual Property : see here

See the LibreSource changelog

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