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posted by Artur Hefczyc at Feb 28, 2007 1:19 AM
Ups, sorry I didn't know how to put links into post and there is no preview function, so again: your comment on Tigase site is here: and contact form where you can safely put your email and it won't show anywhere is here:

Artur Hefczyc

posted by Artur Hefczyc at Feb 28, 2007 1:15 AM

We have been talking at FOSDEM about possible integration ways of Tigase server and LibreSource. You left me a comment at Tigase site but no contact info. So I am starting this thread as a way to establish contact between projects.

I don't want to put my e-mail address on the forums so if you want to contact me directly please use the form: on my site and this way we can exchange email addresses.

Just a few thoughts at the beginning. I think a good starting point for an integration would be something I have done for Drupal project.

Basically this is an authentication against Drupal database. So Tigase server and Drupal share user account. All account management is done via Drupal web interface and in this case Tigase server have disabled account registration via XMPP. All Jabber specific data used by Tigase like a roster, privacy lists, vCard and other stuff is stored in some different place, separately from Drupal data. Tigase server is aware of account activation/deactivation flag so it won't let login for users whose account is disabled.

I think if I would do something like this for LibreSource that would be a good start. And then we could do all other things you mentioned like notification about events via Jabber protocol, user status (on-line, off-line, busy) on web site and so on....

All I need at the beginning is a database format where you store user accounts and some contact details in case if I need more info.

Of course if you have any other ideas I am open for suggestions and would be happy to discuss it further.

Artur Hefczyc