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RE : Upgrading 1.0 to 1.5

The v1.5 installation notes tell jOnas should not necessaraly be installed before running the jar file.

But what happens if it is? Is it upgraded? How? Also, if the postgres db is already setup? Would it be possible to write some notes about upgrading LS? I would not want to garbage my config :)



About JOnAS :

  • The installer create a new Install of JOnAS, configured for LibreSource 1.5.
  • This server will NOT RUN with your old libresource database created by LibreSource 1.0.
  • So you must create a new empty database for the LibreSource 1.5 installation.
About data migration :
  • The only way to migrate your data is the LibreSource XML export. (add ?action=xml on the url of the platform)
  • Then re-import this file in the new install of LibreSource (1.5)
Resources will be re-created owned by the user that run import and with empty acls. Users of the old installation will not be created.

posted by Florent Jouille at Feb 8, 2006 4:12 PM