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Configuring Jabber for my LS-server

I am really happy thus far with libresource, the little glitches I met along the way were pretty small and the user-side experience seems more than positive!

The jabber plug seems like a very good idea but I cannot get it to work: on, it's deactivated, so I can't see it. On my server I have several issues:

  • first it took me a bunch of hacks to start tigase correctly, the config was containing a path to certskeystore (instead of certs/keystore!)… easily fixed (I hope).
  • second my libresource is running behind a proxy… so the jabber server is not the same… either a tunnel or a replicator has to be arranged, or Libresource needs to be adapted to have the address of the tigase server configurable
  • finally I know of many people that are behind such evil firewalls that only http connections on port 80 will come through… is Libresource supporting the http-extensions of Jabber to support this (growing) population?
thanks in advance


posted by Paul Libbrecht at Dec 2, 2007 11:57 PM