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Do we need our own server for LibreSource?

Newbie question: Do we need to provide our own central server for LibreSource to work effectively?

Background We are a group of about 10 part-time users who are volunteering for a small project (less than 1GB) , with a near zero budget and no central server. None of us are very technical. Our shared documents are mostly msOffice2010 Excel and Word (and some text files). So far we have been using (the dreaded) DropBox to share documents but it is all too easy to over-write each others work. Fwiw, we also tried Wuala but similar problems.

One problem is that non of us have a dedicated server and non of us is likely to be on-line continually. Also we all travel a lot so connectivity is likely to be patchy.

We have been looking at hosted collaboration systems (e.g. Huddle, BaseCamp, but they all seem to cost a LOT of money - well into the hundreds of dollars/year for 10 of us). OR be capped at 5 users. One or two sites (e.g. TeamDrive and claim to be working on some form of collaboration/file locking/checkout system… but nothing seems to be ready yet?

From what I can see we'd need to provide our own central server with a high up-time for LibreSource to work effectively as a collaboration tool…

  • Any suggestions?

posted by ship69 at Feb 18, 2014 6:04 PM