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Group LDAP

I would like to create an LDAP group but I have not found any example of what libre source want in fields to create groups.

To understand I would like to do theirs things:

I have an ldap server: running on port 389

The baseDN is dc=ldap,dc=example,dc=com We have an OU=Groups and OU=People

In OU Groups we have cn=954 with attribute member where DN of each member are stored.

I need libresource bind to LDAP server with a special account and password.

When try to create group in libresource i have try many things

How to:

  • Create a group where members are members of cn=954,OU=Groups,dc=ldap,dc=example,dc=com
  • Create a group where members are people who match this filter (&(role=400*)(role=100*)) in ou=people,dc=ldap,dc=example,dc=com with scope one.
I use lasted libresource (2.2).


posted by ze at Jun 14, 2007 4:51 PM