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RE : Help me, I just change the database

I just replaced the libresource database I used a software called sequoia into two cluster machine has done a deal with the PostgreSQL Now my jdbc connection is "jdbc:sequoia://,"

And the database driver is "sequoia-driver.jar"

so I change the libresource config the file at ""

: libresourceDS

datasource.url jdbc:sequoia://,

datasource.classname org.continuent.sequoia.driver.Driver

and I was copied seuoia-Driver.jar into "LibreSourceJONAS_4_7_6libext"

the end the LibreSource start successfuled

when I was visit it. it return me some message:

database locking ...

so that can I do ? hope your help

posted by sheepkon at Oct 9, 2009 7:50 AM