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RE : New module
Ok but its was not the same problem...

It was related to the link between web action and web controller… Which occur at the execution not at the compilation… Thats what I call a changed...

And this part was related to the point 9) Check the web app configuration file (libresource-web.xml) and 10.3)

This document is outdated, and doesn't help much with the latest release. But with this warning, I finally give it to someone who asked for it. And, guess what, he was more confused than before...

I can help you to find your way into libresource sources. Just follow few step in order to understands its architecture.

  1. Download the source package
  2. Configure and build the application
  3. Deploy this libresource on your local computer
  4. Make sure it works find.
  5. Look at the directory structure (where are the EJB, Web app, ant ...)
  6. Now you can start looking at the code.
  7. Look at the wiki code in the EJB subdirectory
  8. Look at the wiki controller and JSP in the web app subdirectory
  9. Check the web app configuration file (libresource-web.xml)
  10. Then create a new wikiPage by duplicating the current wiki
    1. Change the names...
    2. Add a task to build it in ant
    3. Add your module in the web (in ls config file)
    4. deploy and test
  11. Now you should have learned how to integrate a new module in libresource. You should be ready to create your own module...

posted by Sebastien Jourdain at Jan 17, 2008 9:23 PM