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posted by guilbaud at Feb 4, 2010 2:06 PM
Hi !

It might be a basic problem but so far I did 'nt find where it may come from ! and maybe someone else already had this kind of trouble.

Here it is:

After a simple update of the contents of our libresource platform ( a surprising problem occurs:

  1. all the wiki pages appears as if the "list children" action was always activated, so no way to see the text or images in them. And no way to access or modify them.
  2. it ONLY AFFECTS WIKI PAGES: all other ressources type can be seen normally, even some templates including wiki ressources.
  3. The contents of the wiki pages apparently still exist: by doing a research of a specific word, you will still find the ressource where this word is written.
  4. it does not depend on the security level of the user (external observers or owner face with the same problem).
Where is my mistake ? Thank you