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RE : Subversion
The documentation available on subversion for the moment is the one given in the installation file.

Here is the part of the installation file talking about subversion :

7) Subversion installation
  - The LibreSource Subversion service manage dynamicaly the 
    subversion configuration files for user authentication and 
    security management. Thus, in order to use this services, 
    a subversion server must be installed and configured to used 
    those generated files.

- Configure LibreSource for your subversion (Properties to defined in $LIBRESOURCE_HOME/Distribution/ > subversion.authz.file.path : Specify the path to the authz file that your Subversion should use (security mapping) > subversion.passwd.file.path : Specify the path to the passwd file that your Subversion should use (user authentication) > subversion.repository.base.path : Working area for LibreSource. Should be set by the administrateur as the root > subversion.admin.login : Subversion Libresource superuser > subversion.admin.password : Subversion Libresource superuser password

- Configure the Subversion installation > Create only one repository that should respond at svn://YOUR_LS_SERVER/ls-svn > Check-out the content of this repository + svn co svn:// "THE_PATH_YOU_SET_FOR_LS_subversion.repository.base.path" > Delete all the repository content and commit + cd "THE_PATH_YOU_SET_FOR_LS_subversion.repository.base.path" + svn delete trunk + svn delete tags + svn delete branches + svn commit -m "Initialisation" > Edit the configuration file "svnserve.conf" (authz/passwd should refer to the file path specified in LibreSource) [general] authz-db = authz password-db = passwd

anon-access = none auth-access = read

posted by Sebastien Jourdain at May 4, 2007 9:27 PM