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posted by prokher at Jul 26, 2007 3:03 PM
Thank you. I just thought there is a way to use the similar solution as tomcat use. But those solutions are wholly satisfactory.
posted by Sebastien Jourdain at Jul 26, 2007 2:49 PM
Two way to do that:
  • Use apache web server as a proxy
  • Use port forwarding with iptable.
posted by prokher at Jul 26, 2007 11:50 AM
Now I run libresource unde user "libresource" and it is binded to ports 9000&9443, I'd like to rebind it to 80/443, but I cannot do it, cause "libresource" is not superuser. I also have tomcat6 installed on another PC, they provided init.d script to launch tomcat under separate user (not root) but with possibility to bind to privileged ports. Is there any solution here for libresource? As I know tomcat guys are using jsvc for that purpose. Thank you.