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Which file modifies css/color scheme?
Hello Seb, all others helping support LibreSource!

I am very impressed with the Community edition of this software! Installation was simple, JOnAS gives excellent commandline play-by-play of the install and everything seems to avoid unnecessary complication.

I am evaluating LibreSource for use with a very nontechnical crowd, and I am no programmer, so please forgive and advise corrections for less than accurate problem descriptions I may give:

First question: How can I modify the css to change the default template and global look of formatting for LibreSource?

Second question: Seb, what is your gut recommendation for realistic RAM/HD requirements to use LibreSource to support 1500 users and between 300-500 small word and pdf format documents on a WAN?

Thank you!

posted by grendy at Jul 16, 2009 9:00 PM