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RE : so6 eclipse plugin settings

I will try to give you some more details about those fields.

The needed fields are:

Workspace name: The name that will appear on the list of connected workspace in LibreSource on the Synchronizer web page. (This is only an information to retreive easily which workspace is yours when you are using the web interface.)

Synchronizer URI: In LibreSource each service or data has a URI to identify uniquely iteself, so you must identify on which synchronizer you want to connect your local workspace. It will looks like "/projects/MyProject/src"

Username: Your LibreSource login

Password: Your LibreSource password

Server address: The URL to your LibreSource. For exemple:

Client Type: Just use the LibreSource one.

> Also, must there be an existing project created in LibreSource prior to sharing the project with the eclipse plugin?

Yes you need to create a Synchronizer first on Libresource. LibreSource is much more than just a CVS or SVN, so it allow you to use for your project several kind of services with or without versionning tool. And if you just need a versioning tool, then you can directly:

  • create a new Synchronizer in LibreSource without any project, (Then your libresource will be only a set of Synchronizer with nothing more...)
  • set the security rules on this synchronizer
  • use it from the web or from the eclipse plugin.
I hope this could help you.


Artenum Team

posted by Sebastien Jourdain at Jul 26, 2006 9:53 AM