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RE : so6 questions
1) Concerning local WS, the fact that a commit cannot be done unless the localWS is up-to-date means to me that personal WS is not managed under configuration management.

Configuration management system are usually based on the copy-modify-merge paradigm which implies to be uptodate before publishing your change...

This is feature may be laking I think. It's very useful to be able to reproduce areas of developers and permit them to commit what they actually validated under their personal WS.

Ok, then just give them a synchronizer for them...

Under continous, developers are responsible for testing their changes under their local area with the environment they got at the sync. Then once commited, the manager is in charge of merges. That way, integration of SW parts is a process is clearly separated from coding/testing of local changes.

Yes this is done by a hierarchical dataflow structure where only a manager integrates the work of its developpers.

2) How are implemented releases? With tags?

A synchronizer can be dedicated to release so each evolution in the history of that synchronizer will be a release. For the tags is just a flag in some point of the history.

3) What about the management of objects under configuration?

I don't get your question ?

4) How branches are managed?

By the dataflow


Artenum Team

posted by Sebastien Jourdain at Jan 11, 2006 12:22 PM