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RE : so6 questions
Is there more documentation available other than the Quick Start guide ? I didn't find any on the LS site.

If I understand correctly, a synchronizer is a view of a project. The elements (.c, .h, dirs, .o...) are stored in a database with some version for each and the synchronizer links them as coherent set.

Then I guess that when two synchronizers use the same element version it is actually the same object in the database. Right ?

People working on the same synchronizer are sharing the same project view (working sequentially), but people working on different synchronizers are working in parallel...

So, concerning the management of the dataflow, are tickets independant from synchronizers ? Are they applied to synchronizers or must they be moved or copied from a synchronizer to another ? Is it this way to propagate changesets from a branch to another ?


posted by Nicolas Souchu at Jan 11, 2006 12:22 PM