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RE : so6 questions
If I understand correctly, a synchronizer is a view of a project.

Yes and no, a project in my point of view is much more than just a single versioning tool.

The elements (.c, .h, dirs, .o...) are stored in a database with some version for each and the synchronizer links them as coherent set.

Yes, but only the changeset are stored.

Then I guess that when two synchronizers use the same element version it is actually the same object in the database. Right ?

No they are totaly independant.

In fact a synchronizer keep track of the history of a part of your filesystem in order to share it or not with others. You can create as much as synchronizer you want depending the composition of your project specialy if you want to split into sub-projects with different working area. Moreover, you can pipe synchronizer to each other in order to propagate an evolution to a dedicate one for integration or release or what ever, in fact it's up to you… And they are not linked inside the database they work as independant system which take care at what they are good for, Synchronization.

People working on the same synchronizer are sharing the same project view (working sequentially), but people working on different synchronizers are working in parallel...

No, on a same synchronizer you can work in parallel like any configuration management system. You get a copy of the project localy so you can make concurrent change on it.

So, concerning the management of the dataflow, are tickets independant from synchronizers ?

Yes they are, they represent the amount of operation contains in the synchronizer history.

Are they applied to synchronizers or must they be moved or copied from a synchronizer to another ?

I don't get what you want to do ?

Is it this way to propagate changesets from a branch to another ?

No, a changeset is a set of operation, and each synchronizer has its own referential.

I hope you get a better understanding of the system, but if it's still unclear, feel free to ask question...


Artenum Team

posted by Sebastien Jourdain at Jan 11, 2006 12:22 PM