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RE : change context for libresource + get back data
sorry for the formatting error, the answer for bootstraping is:

"Importing Bootstrap.xml (5804314 o.) at (you are ls://xxxx/users/root) "

Thanks for your fast answer.

I can indeed use apache and map it to port 80 (with mod_jk and two workers). But I can't keep LibreSource on the root of the server, where several other applications are deployed, including a root portal. That's why I modified:

  • Distribution/ (kernel.serverUrl=http://XXX/libresource)
  • Distribution/ (services.web.context=/libresource
but LibreSource keeps looking at the root. Even for instance for bootstrapping: http://xxxx/Import?defaultBootstrap&nodecorator If I enter the http://xxxx/libresource/Import... url, it goes back again to the root :
code: null
mporting Bootstrap.xml (5804314 o.) at (you are ls://xxxx/users/root)

You should update both :
  • Distribution/ (kernel.serverUrl=http://XXX)
  • Distribution/ (services.web.context=/)
But why don't you use an apache server as a front server to shift the port 9000 to 80

posted by aceol at Dec 11, 2008 1:04 PM