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change context for libresource + get back data
Dear All,

I'm managing several public databases at the University of Rome. I recently tried LibreSource to manage our development, with the Jonas installer (port 9000). We have used it for a few months now and I want to make it public.

It is not possible for us to keep it working on jonas. Our other web-applications are already installed on jboss which already use port 80/8080. We can't keep it as a second server running on port 9000, because administrators only accept connections to port 80.

After some configuration, I succeeded in deploying it on jboss. As I cannot obviously keep it on the root url, I modified the configuration file: in Distribution/ services.web.context=/libresource in Distribution/ kernel.serverUrl=

the application is running, I can access to http://localhost:8080/libresource/ (which redirect me to /libresource/Bootstrap). But when I want to bootstrap the installation, I'm redirected to the root /Import page, instead of "/libresource/Import' as I was expecting.

By adding manually the "/libresource/" part to the url, I managed to launch the bootstrap, but the reason of this problem may be linked to my second problem:

I don't want to loose what has been previously done on our JONAs server, so I configured the application to access the previous database. The access is okay (I can log) but I can't see my old pages. Is there any way to get them back on my new jboss server.

Thank you very much,


posted by aceol at Dec 10, 2008 7:20 PM