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RE : Where can I download LibreSource 1.5
Happy new year Rüdiger,

I will try to answear at all your questions…

We hope now that a new version might improve the stability.

Yes the new version come with much more performance...

I have seen, that there was a Server update (LibreSource 1.5) announced the 12th of January 2006. Yet under downloads are still the links to the old version from 13th of June 2005.

It's true, we still need to finish the packaging and the official release will be made at the beginning of february.

Where can I download the newest LibreSource version?

Same place, but when the official release will be made.

Can we simply migrate to the new version and keep our data in the Postgres database just by deploying the new version in Jonas?

You might need to do some alter-table. But not much.

Which Jonas server is LibreSource compatible with?

The new version 4.6.6 with TomCat 5.5.12

What do we have to take care of, when installing the new LibreSource version? Is the database model compatible?

Nearly, we try to explain everything in the release note...


Artenum Team

posted by Sebastien Jourdain at Jan 19, 2006 4:12 PM