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Comment of : Bootstrap error
A document part that is present in the source package but maybe not in the installeur part.

1) LibreSource config file
  - create a directory for the LibreSource indexation (kernel.indexationDataDir)
  - create a directory for the LibreSource file exchange (libresource.distributedFilesystem)
  - give to the postgres group the right to use these folders
     sudo chgrp postgres tmp/files tmp/index
     sudo chmod g+rwx tmp/files tmp/index
  - create the libresource database in PostgreSQL
  - create the libresource user in PostgreSQL
  - allow this user to be a superuser : 
    ALTER USER libresource WITH superuser;
  - Edit the file $LIBRESOURCE_HOME/Distribution/
     in order to set your server properties
  - Edit the file $LIBRESOURCE_HOME/Distribution/
     in order to choose the service you want
  - Export the JONAS_ROOT path 
     (The following given path should be updated regarding your personnal configuration)
     on windows: SET JONAS_ROOT=c:/JONAS_4_7_x
     on linux  : export JONAS_ROOT=/opt/JONAS_4_7_x
  - Run "./ThirdPart/ant/bin/ant clean-all; ./ThirdPart/ant/bin/ant deploy" to build 
      the LibreSource ear and and and

Thanks for your feed back,

so finally the first problem came from the driver and the second from the postgres user limitation ?

posted by Sebastien Jourdain at Jun 14, 2007 11:46 AM