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Id : 110
Type : BUG
Reporter : maximeca
Assignee :
Sebastien Jourdain
Priority : MINOR
Creation Date : 28 Sep 07 03:11
Last Update Date : 28 Nov 07 03:58
Resolution : Fixed
Children tree view error
In a wiki page, if I include the following macro:
    there is an error in the generated tree.

    For example, instead of having the following tree:

    1) group 1
    -------1.1) sub-group1
    ---------------1.1.1) Project 1
    2) group 2
    -------2.1) sub-group 2
    ----------------2.1.1) Project 2

    I have : 1) group 1 -------1.1) sub-group1 ---------------1.1.1) Project 1 -------2) group 2 ----------------2.1) sub-group2 --------------------------2.1.1) Project 2

    It happened on a LibreSource Community 2.2 on the first page.

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    2 comment(s)
    comment by maximeca - 28 Nov 07 03:56 PM I confirm that it is fixed in the 2.3 version.
    comment by Sebastien Jourdain - 28 Sep 07 03:40 PM I should have fixed it in 2.3…
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