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Comment of : Libresource server crash : unable to create new native thread
Added some files for a better understanding :
  • jonas.log (log of the jonas server)
  • memory_1.jpg and memory_2.jpg (screenshots of the jconsole application for the jonas server, during the crash documented in jonas.log and another crash)
During both crashed, the number of threads increases steadily until it reaches a value of approximatively 3100. Then, it becomes impossible to create new threads. If nobody interferes, the server crashed by itself after a long series of SEVERE errors. In the second case, the decision has been taken to restart the server, but the situation was similar.

If we look precisely inside the JConsole, then there is a huge number of threads called "Libresource Worker Thread" inside the thread pool. We were hoping that these threads would terminate when the forge was not busy (during the night), but this is not the case.

posted by gdf at May 28, 2008 5:20 PM