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Comment of : Libresource server crash : unable to create new native thread
  1. I do not understand what you mean by "look at the content from quartz". If you mean the "qrtz*" tables inside the libresource database, all of them are empty (except qrtz_locks that contains only 5 rows). If you mean doing something with the quartz scheduler, please could you explain a bit more as I am not an expert on this.
  2. Changing the jonas server is not really easy for the moment, because we are still on an ongoing test that will last until the middle of June, and can not really be stopped. But it could be done if we can find some time to spend on it.
For reference, we are also monitoring the activity of a second forge that supports our developpements on the forge itself. The second forge exhibits also the same phenomenon, that is to say the steady increase of the number of "live threads". But as this forge is used by only a few people, the increase is rather slow.
posted by gdf at May 28, 2008 5:56 PM