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LibreSource does not start under windows

The problem could come from the installation path of your LibreSource server. If your server is installed into a directory that contain spaces, this prevent JONAS from starting. To fix it, just move the directory somewhere else and fix the path in the start.bat and stop.bat script.

Tigase does not start under Linux

If during the starting of Tigase you get an error saying certsrsa-keystore (No such file or directory) , this might be due to an invalide tigase-libresource.xml file or because you don't execute the starting tigase script into the home directory of tigase. To fix the tigase configuration file, just replace certs%5C by certs/.

No more resource name after a migration from 1.5 to 2.x

To solve the problem, add in the url ?refreshName&depth=9 in order to refresh resource name for the current sub tree with the specified depth when you are logged as super user root.

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