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LibreSource 2.2, the other forge
Effective communication is a fundamental requirement for agile project management. In this new version, LibreSource 2.2 embeds the Tigase Jabber server and the Jeti Jabber client. This integration allows notifications and informal communication thru instant messaging. LibreSource simplifies the creation of a dynamic community and help to maintain and enhance team relationship in order to improve the cooperative efficiency.

LibreSource 2.2 brings three new resources: LDAP groups, dropboxes, and forms. The LDAP group resource introduces the capability to map LibreSource groups of users from LDAP groups. The dropbox resource allows users to upload files to a confidential area. With the form resource, a manager can create an electronic form online and let users populate it. Such results can be selectively displayed on any page of the server, as a table or as a answer record, and can be exported to spreadsheets. This feature can be used to create questionnaires, registration forms, or any application that need formal communication.

In addition, LibreSource 2.2 enforces its advantages. Several bugs have been fixed and the way security is handled has been smoothed. The server is faster now, with a smaller memory footprint. LibreSource 2.2 has a better packaging: installation, __configuration__, customization and upgrade are now easier than ever. In a few clicks, you can go in production.

posted by Stéphane Bagnier at May 14, 2007 9:17 PM