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The bug tracker is simple but you can instanciate as many as you want i.e. you can have more than one bugtracker for one project. Two types of resource are availables :
  • BugTracker
  • Issue

BugTracker Resource

The bug tracker resource is a parent node for a list of issues. The bug tracker resource page shows a sorted table of issues, with the most important informations (type, reporter, priority, resolution, last update date) :

Figure 1 - A bugtracker view

User can add issues (if they have the right “Add Issue”) and sort the content of the table by columns value.

Assigned issues

An other tab is available in the bug tracker page. This is the user assigned issues. On this page, you can see the issues that are assigned to the connected user.

Figure 2 - Assigned issues

The issues assigned to a user are listed in the tab “my assigned issues” in the user resource page too. Clicking on the issue id in the bugtracker view show the issue resource page.

Note : By default, a bug tracker is assigned to its owner, and issues created under a bug tracker are assigned to the assignee of this bug tracker.

Additionnal permission for this resource

  • ADD ISSUE : Allow user to add new issues in this BugTracker
  • POST COMMENT : Allow user to post new comments and add new files in the issues of this BugTracker

Events for this resource

  • libresourceBugTracker.bugTracker.create
  • libresourceBugTracker.bugTracker.edit
  • libresourceBugTracker.BugTracker.delete

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