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The issue resource allow the handling of each issue separately. An Issue can be binded anywhere in the resource tree, and an issue can be moved from a bugtracker to an other bugtracker.

Figure 3 - Issue view

Here you can modify some information, according to your security right. An issue can contain comments and files, which are respectively message and files resources, binded under the issue resource (a specific right is need to add comments and filles in an issue).

Note : By default, a bug tracker is assigned to its owner, and issues created under a bug tracker are assigned to the assignee of this bug tracker.

Additionnal permission for this resource

  • POST COMMENT : Allow user to post new comments and add new files in the issue (inherited from the parent bugtracker)

Events for this resource

  • libresourceBugTracker.issue.create
  • libresourceBugTracker.issue.edit
  • libresourceBugTracker.issue.delete
  • libresourceBugTracker.issue.assign
  • libresourceBugTracker.issue.resolve

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