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The project resource is a particular node in the LibreSource tree. It allow users to define a root node for their projects.

The project resource has two properties :

  • a name : the name of the project.
  • a description : a small description of the project, which is indexed by the external search engines (like Google ...).
and an attached wiki page, which allow users to display the summary of the project.

Project view

The view of a project display all of these informations :

Figure 1 - A project view

Note that, as it is a wiki page, the summary of the project can contains images, internal or externals links, text filters, macros, etc… Thus, the home page of the project is easy to customize (see Wiki page documentation for more details about the wiki syntax).

Project edition

To change the properties of a project, the edit action allow users to change the name and the small description of the project, and the editSummary action is usefull to edit the home wiki page.

Figure 2 - Project edition

Figure 3 - Project summary edition

Additionnal permission for this resource.

  • none

Events for this resource.

  • libresourceCore.project.create
  • libresourceCore.project.edit
  • libresourceCore.project.editSummary

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