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Getting the code

1) Create a directory on you local file system to hold the source. This directory cannot contain the current code base, or conflicts will be found. Normally this is something like c:/JavaDev/NVS/MM (three levels deep for multiple workspaces at the second level)

2) Go to your Synchronizer web page

3) Create a workspace by pressing the 'create workspace' link. This will open a jnlp (java webstart file). Complete all empty fields on the webstart appliation. Point the workspace to your newly created directory. Give the workspace a unique name, so it will be easy to recognize that this is your workspace on a particular machine, or drive. Make sure that the directory that you are selecting as the workspace is an empty directory without any source code. (Except if you are the first commiter)

4) Refresh the browser when the creation of the workspace is complete.

5) Commit or update depending on your state

  • Update the workspace by pressing the update button. This will download all of the code to your local workspace directory.
  • Commit the content of your workspace by pressing the commit button. This will upload all your workspace data to the synchronizer.
6) Make any file changes, add files to the directory, or create new files, then commit the changes by pressing the commit button.

Resolving conflicts

1) Go to your synchronizer page

2) Press the 'view studio' link. This will open a jnlp (java webstart file).

3) On the webstart application go to 'file', open to select the root of your workspace.

4) On the webstart application go to 'connections', then select the opened workspace.

5) On the webstart application go to 'view', then select 'file tree'. You can also select 'find conflicts', etc.

Ignoring files

To delete currently uploaded files, or to ignore a file make sure that you have a .ignore.so6 file in your workspace root. This can also be nested within sub projects within the .so6/xx/ directories. More information about the .ignore.so6 file can be found at Ignore


  • Invalid Password: This is most likely an issue with your username not having the 'create workspace' permissions on the given synchronizer. Ask the LibreSource administrator to grant you access.

This documentation has been provided by Robert Young.

Thanks for it, Robert…

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