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HowTo use LibreSource Web Application

The LibreSource webapp is based on the resources browsing. The URL you reach with your browser corresponds to the URI of the resource.

For example, this page is binded with the URI : ls:// and you read it with the HTTP URL : .

For all resources, a set of basic action is available :

  • children : display the children list of the current node
  • security : display the security page of the current node
  • edit : display the edition form of the current resource (if you have the UPDATE permission)
  • delete : allow user to delete the node (and all the subtree)
  • move : allow user to move a node (and all the subtree)
  • unbind : allow user to delete the resource keeping the node and the subtree
  • xml : return an xml dump of the subtree of the current node
and more actions are available according to the binded resource type (see each resource documentation.)

There are some actions which are not "resource dependant" :

  • /CreateResource : provide new resource creation form (type + URI)
  • /Import : create resource(s) from a LibreSource XML dump
  • /CreateUser : user registration form
  • /Login and /Logout : authentifications action
  • /Search : the search engine access
  • /Bootstrap : allow root user to "bootstrap" a new platform

Interface presentation

Resources documentation

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